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I don’t know what came first, ideas or words.

In any case I enjoy history and words, which is why I’ve decided to translate Mediterranean historical novels.

The Mediterranean, at the converging point of Asia, Africa, and Europe, has been for millenia been the place where the ideas of men met, clashed, and influenced and absorbed each other.

I’m starting with books written in Catalan, for various reasons; one of them  because these books have impressed ideas on me I find should be spread.

About ideas: the fascinating consequence of the study, or of the awareness of history, is the evolution of our understanding of reality.

Pierre Vandelac is a translator working in the following languages:

Towards English: Catalan, French, and Spanish

Towards French: Catalan, English, and Spanish

He can be reached at pierre@vandelac.ca and +1 819 309 0620;

I am presently mainly working for calador.org translating Catalan historical novels into English and French.


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